The Chicken Chase

by Kaveri Ponnapa

Every Coorg household had, until recently- and many still have - a scattering of home reared chickens running around in the backyard, which were truly free-range. They were only returned to their coops in the late afternoon, or the end of the day. When I married into a very traditional family, I was initially horrified to learn that chicken curry meant actually chasing, killing, feathering and cutting up a chicken, never having done that in my life. So I was vastly relieved when my mother-in –law told me that I did not personally have to kill the chicken, there was always someone on hand to do that! Since coffee plantation homes were isolated, in the days when markets were a long way off. Chicken was the choice when unexpected guests arrived, which was quite often, in Coorg. The flavour of a free – range chicken, even though smaller and a bit stringier, is far more rich and delicious than the farmed variety. This smooth, toothsome chicken curry is traditionally eaten with nool puttus. This recipe is from my paternal grandmother, and came to me through my aunt. It's special because even though I'm not such a big fan of chicken, I love this curry, it's so full of flavour.

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Image Credits: Nithin Sagi
All Food Styling: Kaveri Ponnapa


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