"I always knew when we were going to have ice-cream because my mother would send the bearer down to the ice supplier, and he would ride back in the tonga with a large block of ice, wrapped in gunny sacking, beside him on the seat. The next thing I heard was a series of thumps from the back regions of the house, as the ice cracked into small pieces. Indian ice cream, or kulfi… is intensely rich and frozen into hard blocks. A spoon, dug with pressure into it, will yield a firm, cold mouthful which melts deliciously on the tongue."
- Jennifer Brennen.

Here is a recipe for Custard Apple Ice Cream, which has a dense texture similar to kulfi. When there is a glut of ripe fruit, and you're tired of spitting out thousands of slippery black seeds, this ice cream gives you the same delicately scented, slightly gritty, sweet creaminess of the Custard Apple. And it is ridiculously easy to make.

Custard Apple Ice Cream

  • 1 tin Nestle's Condensed Milk
  • 1 tin full cream
  • ½ tin full cream milk
  • 1 tin custard apple pulp, carefully de-seeded
  • Whizz everything together in a mixer, and freeze.


Use the emptied condensed milk tin to measure the ingredients.

Image Credits: Nithin Sagi