Take a pair of siblings – one a freelance promotional filmmaker, the other an ex-advertising and marketing professional – throw in a cosmopolitan Air Force background, with strong roots in Coorg. Mix all the ingredients together, add a love for good food, enough enthusiasm and energy to share it with friends and strangers, and you have Pig Out, a Bengaluru based, family run business that caters traditional Coorg fare.

Ambika and Anjali Ganapathy hardly set out to be caterers, but they loved good food as much as every other Coorg, and cooked rather a lot for family and friends. People always gravitated towards their kitchen, knowing that they were sure to find tasty bites stacked up in their refrigerator. Urged on by friends – one of whom coined the brand name ‘Pig Out’, a tongue-in-cheek take on the Coorg love of pork and good eating, Pig Out was thought up in 2011, and became a reality in 2013.

Using platforms like Sunday Soul Santé; Karen Anand’s Farmer’s Market; Bangalore Farmer’s Market and Kitch Mandi, the dynamic duo soon had a following of happy, repeat customers, who loved the flexible menus with a seasonal bias on offer. All the Coorg classics that you can dream of – Pandi (pork) curry; pandi chops; mutton pepper fry; fish curry, as well as generous choices for vegetarians, from kumme (mushroom) curry to kaipake (bitter gourd), feature on a menu of over 25 dishes.

The flavours are exactly what one could hope for – simple, with a firm, clear stamp of home made. And home made is what this brand is all about. “We source all the same raw materials for the catering that we use at home,” says Anjali, adding that they “select the best pork from the Bangalore Ham Shop.”

Using family recipes, they experiment, and as Ambika observes with a smile, it has turned into something of a family project, with relatives pooling recipes and cooking tips to help the siblings along. In fact, whenever there is a large event to cater to, their mother throws herself into the fray, tasting, testing and helping out, as ‘all their reputations are at stake.’

Pig Out has held a successful 10-day food festival at the Westin, Koregaon Park, Pune. But the real charm of this small family business is that it is very hands-on, with Ambika and Anjali sourcing ingredients, cooking and often even delivering the food themselves. Hard work all the way, but they love all of it, particularly interacting with people. Quirky, lively and original, Pig Out brings together good food and the typical Coorg love of sharing it with friends, and the Ganapathy siblings are doing a wonderful job of presenting home-cooked flavours from Coorg to their loyal following. There’s only one person who is somewhat bemused and uncomfortable with all this: Ambika and Anajlis’ grandmother. “What, she demands to know, “are two well educated girls doing, going right back to the kitchen?” We’re sure all the fans of Pig Out would be happy to answer!

Contact info
Phone: 9980210979 OR 9900510186
Email: pigoutbangalore@gmail.com

Image Credits: Nithin Sagi

Kaveri Ponnapa

Kaveri Ponnapa is a widely published independent writer on food, wine and heritage, based in Bengaluru. Her features appear in leading publications. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

  1. Shilpa says:

    What a beautiful article !! So proud of the two sisters!! They have done such a fabulous job in such a short time and everyone has heard of them and their food is simply divine! Way to go girls !!!

    1. kaveri ponnapa says:

      Hello Shilpa, thanks for writing in, I’m glad you liked reading the article. Yes, we are so proud of the girls! Here’s wishing them good luck. Best wishes, Kaveri

  2. Kaverappa Padeyand says:

    Nice to read both doing good……I just wish them Ambika and Anjali Good luck!

    1. kaveri ponnapa says:

      Hi Kaverappa, so good to see you following these pages – I am sure Pig Out will do very well! Warm wishes, Kaveri

  3. Parinitha Ramesh ( pita) says:

    It’s really great to know that you guys are really doing a good job, over here,(Singapore), there are engineers who have started restaurant and they are flourishing.
    We will definetly visit you guys next time when we go to B’lore.

  4. anita says:

    Glad to come across a joint which serves authentic coorg food. Where r u located in B lore. Would love to visit you guys.All the very best…!!

    1. kaveri ponnapa says:

      Hi Anita, please read to the end of my post on “Pig Out” – contacts are given there. Best, Kaveri

  5. rekha thammaiah Singh says:

    Very happy and proud of u both.Chose to experiment in a field that is not at all interesting to girls these days….bravo ‘)

    1. kaveri ponnapa says:

      Rekha, I agree that this may not be an interesting field for a lot of modern women – but if we lose our cooking traditions, we lose much more that recipes and delicious food. We end up losing our links with our past, our history, and all our traditions – that’s the foundation of what takes us into our future! And that is what The Coorg Table is all about. You can follow us on Facebook. Best wishes, Kaveri

  6. Hemanth says:

    A visit to coorg and the irresistible food with the weather to combine gives a fantastic feeling being there. Thanks to this duo to bring in same atmosphere into our cosmo. three cheers to the ladies, GREAT GOING & GOOD LUCK 🙂

  7. Deepali says:

    Congratulations!…Way to go Anjali and Ambika! And congratulations to you too Kaveri Ponnapa… for your beautiful and amazingly researched book “The Vanishing Kodavas”.

  8. Gordon Rozario says:

    Kaveri, loved reading this article.
    Kudos Ambika..Anjali..Keep the Kodava Flag fluttering High… Cheers !!!

  9. ASLESHA says:

    Wow, How come I did not know about this earlier? Will try out sooner than later.
    Loved re-visiting your Blog, Radhika, and sent daughter Krithika in USA the link as she loves cooking as much as I do!

    1. Kaveri Ponnapa says:

      Hi Asha, welcome to The Coorg Table, it’s really good to see you here! Thank you so much for your kind words, it’s always wonderful when people write in with their thoughts and responses. I do hope your daughter enjoys the recipes – I’m sure she’s a super cook, like you. Hope to see you on these pages often, and if you have a recipe that you’d like to share, it’s very welcome. Warm wishes. xo

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